Individual lessons

(Suitable for puppies, adult dogs, and seniors)

Individual lessons – an excellent choice for those dealing with behavior problems (reactivity, sensitivity, fearfulness, separation anxiety, etc.) in their dogs or for those who want to prevent such issues from arising. They are also a suitable solution for dogs that cannot focus and work in a group setting, for those who cannot find suitable group class schedules, or for those who prefer to learn in their chosen convenient outdoor or home location. This service is often chosen by responsible future dog owners who seek proper preparation for welcoming a new family member (a young puppy or adult dog) or starting their education (house rules, proper socialization, basic obedience, etc.) while the puppy is still very young. These lessons are also suitable for owners who aim to achieve specific goals through individual attention or strengthen the bond with their pet.

During individual sessions, which typically last from 1 hour to 2 hours, the trainer’s full attention is dedicated to you and your pet, focusing on the specific issues that are relevant to you and using methods tailored to your dog’s personality, previous experiences, and behavior. The lessons provide valuable information to help the owner understand the reasons behind their dog’s behavior and applied methods.



We conduct individual lessons in Vilnius in Lithuanian, Russian, Polish, and English languages. In Panevėžys, the lessons are conducted in Lithuanian.

An individual lesson typically lasts from 1 hour to 2 hours.


Price of lessons in Vilnius:


Trainers Ilijanka, Ivona, Inesa:

-Individual lesson at the school (Kalvarijų g.143, Vilnius) – 40 euros.

-Course of individual lessons (4 lessons) – 145 euros.

-Individual lesson at the client’s home (Vilnius) – 50 euros. (Outside Vilnius city + transportation costs)

-Course of individual lessons (4 lessons) – 180 euros. (Outside Vilnius city + transportation costs)

-Skype/Viber/Messenger video lesson – 40 euros.



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