1st Grade – “First Graders”

1st Grade – “First Graders” (establishing communication)

(foundations of dog training suitable for puppies from 3 months old and adult dogs requiring obedience training)

New dates (Vilnius):

  • From July 27th (taking place on Thursdays) at 7 PM – Vilnius.
  • From August 1st (taking place on Tuesdays) at 7 PM – Vilnius.
  • From August 9th (taking place on Wednesdays) at 7 PM – Vilnius.


Please contact us via email regarding the specific time – info@mokyksuni.lt


“Love and relationship are the two main components that determine whether a dog will listen to you,” says Žana Penkauskienė.

In this course, you will be revealed how to correctly understand your dog’s body language, how to communicate and behave with them in a way that they understand you, and how to establish a strong and close relationship between you and your dog.

During the course, you will receive basic information on how to maintain eye contact with your dog, how to engage and stimulate them mentally, not only through physical activities but also through mental exercises, at home.

You will learn how to train your dog to:

✓ Walk nicely

✓ Enter and exit rooms calmly

✓ Not pull on the leash

✓ Remain calm in stressful situations

✓ Come to you when called

✓ Stay in place/go to a designated spot

✓ Listen to you

and many other things.

After completing the 1st grade – “First Graders,” you will have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge in the higher grade – “Students.” We will show you how to easily and lovingly create a connection between you and your dog

Important note: Owners with highly fearful and aggressive dogs are not eligible for group training. First, we recommend that they sign up for individual lessons.


The course consists of 8 lessons (spanning over 7 weeks).

  • The 1st lesson will be an online theory session.
  • Lessons 2 to 7 will be practical sessions, each lasting 1 hour.
  • Lesson 8 will be an examination, and all students who pass the exam will receive diplomas.

The lessons will take place in small groups, with a maximum of 5 dogs, to ensure that everyone receives personal attention.


Course price:

– In Vilnius 135 eur.


Registration for the courses and additional information: